Saturday, September 2, 2017


On this day of breaking heat records (9/2/17) the Bay Area Kids Labor Day Championship broke records as well with 219 players. I congratulate them for the fine job they are doing promoting youth chess in Northern California. The tournament was divided into four divisions by ratings. None of the 36 school teams that included Junior High School had large numbers nor, to be candid, their top players. To be fair that is because the highest section was from 900-1299. Some of the top players went into the three day Open State Championships also held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Weibel Chess only had seven players over the four sections. Since the organizers did not expect this large a turnout they only had five school trophies for all four sections combined. Points from each section were counted. I did stop by for a short period. I left before the awards as the heat had worn me out. When I got there Weibel was in sixth place. When I left after the fourth round they moved up to fourth place. When I checked online a few minutes ago, we had won another first place trophy. Congrats to all our players who attended and to the four that pulled us up to first place. Ryan Chen,  Om Heur, Krish Behl and Louis Love obtained the points for the team, while Kabita Nath, Mai-Ha Nghiem and Shruti Nath were our back up.

I thank Om Heur’s Dad for the photograph of the three players that remained for the awards.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Aaron Hu, who is entering 6th grade at Weibel in the Fall, holds his award for receiving the title of Weibel Chess Ultimate Player. This title is provided to Weibel Chess players who maintain a rating that places them in the middle or higher of the U.S. Chess Federation's Top 100 players in the country for their age for three consecutive tournaments. As printed in our information sheet: "Anyone achieving the Weibel Ultimate Chess Player will receive a special acknowledgement crystal four glass post award and a scholarship check for the amount of the team tuition for the year. For all future years the Ultimate player attends the Weibel Team there will be no tuition fee."

Weibel Chess believes that through positive rewards we can excite and stimulate our players to strive to improve their skills. Among the accolades our students receive are chess titles and rankings, membership on our Honor’s Roll which also provides them with a special cap and an Elite Jacket for our top Varsity players. A few unique individuals are inducted into our Hall of Fame with their name engraved on a plaque that hangs in the school office. We believe that this positive reinforcement for their successes explains why we have become a nationally renowned program and one of the largest individual public school chess programs in the country with over 200 students each year.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Registration now available for the 2017-2018 Weibel Chess program.  This will be our 30th year.  Go to and click on the tab that says "APPLICATION 2017-2018."

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Yesterday, Friday, May 26, 2017, was our annual Awards Banquet. At the end of each year Weibel Chess parents hold ceremonies to celebrate our successes. This year, as in the past three years, Fahria Khan, led a group of volunteers to provide a wonderful affair. Besides food drinks and ice-cream all the children received certificates of their accomplishments and trophies of participation. I know there are the silly naysayers that insist that participation trophies destroy ambitions and future success for children. They have never been at Weibel Elementary School that is for sure. Here success and accomplishment follow the graduates for their whole lives.

We provided larger trophies and plaques for extra accomplishments such as Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and Rookie of the Year. The attached photo shows the girls, minus one who slept through all the noise, who brought home our seventh girls national championship title this year. All children received door prizes based on ticket drawings that range from Lego Chess sets and Chronos Chess Clocks to chess key chains and wrist bands.

We now look forward to next season which will be our 30th year at Weibel Elementary School. We anticipate that once again 200 or so Weibel children will join us in one of the largest and the most successful public chess school programs in the nation.  Our information and applications for the 2017-2018 chess year will be posted by the end of June on our webpage:

Monday, May 8, 2017


The Susan Polgar Foundation brought their National Open Chess Championships for Boys and Girls to Livermore this weekend, May 6-7, 2017.  This tournament was not required for our team players.  A of Weibel players attended anyway and proved their mettle.  Our players won the U 10 Girls, U 10 Boys, U 12 Girls and U 12 Boys Championships. KUDOS!

WEIBEL ATTENDING (Top 4 players in each group counted for points.  The listing below is in order of their finish.)
Girls Under 10
Chau-Ha Nghiem, Erin Law, Shruti Nath, Mai-Ha Nghiem, Yesun Lee, Elena Xu, Mihika Deshpande

Boys Under 10
Nikko Le, Mihir Gadre, Reyansh Samanta, Edward Miu, Kevin Arakkal, Ekansh Samanta, Rutansh Pathak, Reyansh Gangal

Girls Under 12
Prisha Jain, Kabita Nath, Irene Xu, Isha Varada, Sabrina, Kuntjara

Boys Under 12
Aaron Hu, Dharshan Vetrivelan, Sidarth Raman, Krish Gangal, Eshan Prakash, Louis Law, Prabhav Vashist, Surya Somasundaram, Vincent Yang

Weibel’s Under 8 Boys took a second place in the competition behind Mission San Jose.  We did not have any Under 8 Girls in the tournament.  
Boys Under 8
Divij Pathak, Louis Le, Drake Long,

In the Novice sections Weibel had only three players: Krishank Sardesai ,Vivaan Parhar.  Lokesh RavuriKrishank in the K-2 section tied for second place.
I guess that due to exhaustion after a two day competition and with school the next day most of our players did not stay around for the awards ceremonies.  Most of the Under 10 Boys and parents did hang around for the photographs. The pictures I posted below do not represent the actual team members that competed. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017


The Weibel Chess girls continue their winning streak. On Saturday, April 29, 2017, they won two of the three sections of the CalChess State Girls Championships held in San Rafael. Irene Xu and Prisha Jain tied for first place in the K-6 grade section. They both went home with the title Champion. Winning a CalChess State Championship title is one of the criteria that places a player in our Hall of Fame. These individuals have their name engraved on a plate in the Weibel School office. Prisha is already in the Hall of Fame for having won the K-2 Championship title in 2015. Irene will become the 36th Weibel player to have that honor from more than 3000 students that have studied chess at Weibel since 1988. You can view the names and accomplishments of the students inducted into the Weibel Chess Hall of Fame from the link located at


Weibel girls rock. Their 7th National Championship. This year in the Under 10 section. This means Weibel has won nine U.S. Chess Federation titles.  There aren't many chess Teams that can brag about such an accomplishment.  Some that do have only won non-Championship sections at the U.S. Chess Federation Nationals.  The U.S. Chess Federation designates that only those Teams winning an Open Section can call themselves Champions.