Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This has been a great weekend for Weibel players at the Bay Area Chess run Class Warfare Chess Tournament.  (PS: I have problems with this name.) In a previous e-mail I mention the Samanta boys each winning their section in the Kid’s section.  I just learned that Weibel 2nd Grade student Nikko Le took a First place in the Open DEU Section winning $532.80.  I am sure Nikko would have preferred a large trophy but I am sure he accepted the money with just as big a smile. I am also sure that the adults in the section were not smiling.  I think that is the largest sum of money any Weibel student in second grade has ever won. Winning money, at least, means that his parents have less trophies to dust. I hope they don't launder the money.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Nikko has moved his USCF rating to 1389.  I look forward to loads of smiles at this weekend’s Grade Level States.